ANZSCO-based Engineering Occupations

This is a list of engineering occupation codes that are used by Engineers Australia and Department of Immigration and Border Protection for visa purposes. Engineering occupation codes that are on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) are marked as and those that are on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) are marked as . Applicants with occupations on the MLTSSL are potentially eligible for a skilled independent visa or an Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visa. STSOL occupations are suitable for Temporary Work Visa (482), and may be on a state skills list. Contact us for a more in-depth discussion on selecting the occupation code that is the most appropriate for your personal situation.

133211 Engineering Manager

Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates the engineering and technical operations of an organisation.

233111 Chemical Engineer

Designs and prepares specifications for chemical process systems and the construction and operation of commercial-scale chemical plants, and supervises industrial processing and fabrication of products undergoing physical and chemical changes.

233112 Materials Engineer

Investigates the properties of metals, ceramics, polymers and other materials and assesses and develops their engineering and commercial applications.

233211 Civil Engineer

Plans, designs, organises and oversees the construction and operation of dams, bridges, pipelines, gas and water supply schemes, sewerage systems, airports and other civil engineering projects.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Airfield Engineer Officer (Air Force)
  • Hydraulics Engineer

233212 Geotechnical Engineer

Plans, directs and conducts survey work to analyse the likely behaviour of soil and rock when placed under pressure by proposed structures, and designs above and below ground foundations.

233214 Structural Engineer

Analyses the statical properties of all types of structures, tests the behaviour and durability of materials used in their construction, and designs and supervises the construction of all types of structures.

233215 Transport Engineer

Plans and develops transport systems to improve infrastructure efficiency and the cost effectiveness of moving people and freight.

233311 Electrical Engineer

Designs, develops and supervises the manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of equipment, machines and systems for the generation, distribution, utilisation and control of electric power.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Railway Signalling Engineer
  • Signalling and Communications Engineer

233411 Electronics Engineer

Designs, develops, adapts, installs, tests and maintains electronic components, circuits and systems used for computer systems, communication systems, entertainment, transport and other industrial applications.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Communications Engineer

233511 Industrial Engineer

Investigates and reviews the utilisation of personnel, facilities, equipment and materials, current operational processes and established practices, to recommend improvement in the efficiency of operations in a variety of commercial, industrial and production environments.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Process Engineer (Industrial)

233512 Mechanical Engineer

Plans, designs, organises and oversees the assembly, erection, operation and maintenance of mechanical and process plant and installations.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Airconditioning Engineer
  • Heating and Ventilation Engineer

233513 Production or Plant Engineer

Plans, directs and coordinates the design, construction, modification, continued performance and maintenance of equipment and machines in industrial plants, and the management and planning of manufacturing activities.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Automation and Control Engineer

233611 Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum)

Plans and directs the engineering aspects of locating and extracting minerals from the earth.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Process Engineer (Mining)

233612 Petroleum Engineer

PetroleumPlans and directs the engineering aspects of locating and extracting petroleum or natural gas from the earth.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Mud Engineer
  • Petrophysical Engineer

233911 Aeronautical Engineer

Performs and supervises engineering work concerned with the design, development, manufacture, maintenance and modification of aircraft for flight.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Aeronautical Engineering Officer (Navy)
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer Officer - Aeronautical (Air Force)
  • Aerospace Engineer Officer - Armament (Air Force)
  • Aerospace Engineer Officer - Electronics (Air Force)
  • Avionics Systems Engineer
  • Weapons Aeronautical Engineering Officer (Navy)

233912 Agricultural Engineer

Performs and supervises engineering work related to the use and development of agricultural land, buildings, machines and equipment.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Natural Resources Engineer

233913 Biomedical Engineer

Applies knowledge and methodology of physics, engineering, mathematics, computing, physical chemistry and materials science to problems in biology and the treatment and prevention of human disease.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Bioengineer
  • Clinical Engineer
  • Medical Engineer

233914 Engineering Technologist

Analyses and modifies new and existing engineering technologies and applies them in the testing and implementation of engineering projects.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Aeronautical Engineering Technologist
  • Agricultural Engineering Technologist
  • Biomedical Engineering Technologist
  • Chemical Engineering Technologist
  • Industrial Engineering Technologist
  • Mining Engineering Technologist

233915 Environmental Engineer

Assesses the impact on air, water, soil and noise levels in the vicinity of engineering projects, plans and designs equipment and processes for the treatment and safe disposal of waste material, and assesses what may cause problems for the environment in the long-term.

233916 Naval Architect

Designs and oversees the construction and repair of marine craft and floating structures.

263311 Telecommunications Engineer

Designs and develops telecommunications networks and systems, such as voice, radio, two-way, data, microwave, satellite and digital data systems, devices and products.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Signals Corps Officer (Army) (Aus)
  • Signals Officer (Army) (NZ)

263312 Telecommunications Network Engineer

Plans, designs, and monitors complex telecommunications devices, networks and systems, such as voice, radio, two-way, data, microwave, satellite and digital data systems, and associated broadcasting equipment.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Communications Consultant
  • Communications Specialist (ICT)
  • Telecommunications Consultant
  • Telecommunications Specialist

233999 Engineering Professional (Not Elsewhere Classified)

This occupation group covers Engineering Professionals not elsewhere classified.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Mechatronics Engineer
  • Product Design Engineer

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