Employer Nominated Scheme

Australia welcomes highly skilled workers and professionals who have a permanent job offer from a suitable Australian employer to migrate to Australia via the Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS). The ENS program is administered by the Australian Department of Home Affairs to facilitate the smooth entry of employer sponsored workers into Australia as permanent residents of Australia.

There are complex legislative requirements and departmental policies that both the employer and aspiring migrant must meet in order to be successful in a visa application under the ENS program.

Employer requirements

The Australian employer must meet legislative requirements in order to successfully nominate the employee under the ENS program. This includes lawfully operating a business in Australia, meeting the training benchmark for Australian employees and having a genuine need for an employee in the nominated position. The position must be for an eligible occupation and must meet the market salary rate for that occupation.

Employee requirements

Under the ENS program, the employee applicant must generally be under 45 years of age, have good English skills, in some instances the employee must have obtained a positive skills assessment from the relevant skills assessment authority, and meet other legislative requirements depending on the applicant's personal circumstances.

Skills Assessment

Under certain circumstances, the employee who wishes to apply under the ENS program may need to have his or her qualitications and/or work experience assessed by the relevant skills assessing authority. Arlington Legal is able to provide assistance and advice to our clients for the skills assessment application where applicable.

Health and Character

All ENS visa applicants must be of good character and must meet certain health requirements before the visa applied for can be granted.

Initial Assessment Service

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Temporary Work (Skilled) Visas

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