Family Visas

The Australian Department of Home Affairs facilitates the migration to Australia of family members of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and New Zealand citizens living in Australia through the Family Migration program. Arlington Legal provides assistance with the following family visa categories:

Partner Visas

An Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident may sponsor his or her spouse, de facto partner or same-sex partner for a Partner Visa to migrate to Australia.

For many couples, the process of gathering sufficient relevant evidence of their relationship can be a stressful task. This is all the more so when the quality and relevance of information provided to the Department of Home Affairs have a direct impact on the outcome of any partner visa application.

We have many years of experience guiding and advising couples on their partner visa applications, making the process just that bit less painful for all parties involved. We have successfully dealt with partner visa applications made to various Australian High Commissions and Australian Embassies in many parts of the world, so we are aware of various local cultural sensitivities.

Parent Visas

This is a category of visas that is of particular interest to recent migrants to Australia. While information on parent visas can easily be found on the Department's official website, potential applicants should be careful in selecting a specific parent visa subclass that is suitable and appropriate for their own unique circumstances. At Arlington Legal, we take the time and effort to explain the various parent visa options and corresponding pathways to our clients and their sponsors, ensuring that all parties are able to make an informed decision when selecting their parent visa subclass.

Child Visas

Generally, a Child Visa application would be appropriate under the following situations:

  • A child is born overseas to parents who do not yet hold Australian citizenship, and where at least one parent who holds an Australian permanent visa. However, more often than not, both parents in this scenario would hold Australian permanent visas.
  • A dependent child of an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident who was not included as a secondary applicant in the citizen or permanent resident's earlier migrant visa application. This is usually when the dependent child is from a previous relationship.

While there may be other theoretical situations where a Child Visa may be appropriate, the two scenarios above are the most common ones.

New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visas

A New Zealand citizen living in Australia who is not a New Zealand citizen, Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen may be able to sponsor his or her spouse, de facto partner or same-sex partner for a New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship visa. This is a temporary visa allowing the partner to live and work in Australia on a long term basis.

Initial Assessment Service

If you would like to sponsor a family member for an Australian visa, please send us your details via our initial assessment form below. A registered migration agent from our team will then be in touch to organise a proper consultation to determine your options and discuss the way forward (charges will apply).