Arlington Legal - Helping clients and changing lives, since 2004

Arlington Legal Pty Ltd was formerly known as Ptlabs Consulting Pty Ltd.

We assist prospective migrants apply for Australian visas, including visas under the General Skilled Migration and Employer Nominated Scheme programs, Partner and other Family programs. We also assist with Australian citizenship applications as well as applications for merits review.

The Australian visa system is complex, and while many may choose the do-it-yourself route, competent professional advice is always useful and sometimes critical to the succeess of a visa application. We have been providing immigration advice and assistance to clients since 2004, so we have plenty of experience handling visa applications.

Arlington Legal takes the confusion out of the process of applying for an Australian visa. A string of very positive testimonials from satisfied clients is a good assurance that the Arlington Legal experience is a good one for our clients. We have successfully assisted clients who are offshore (outside of Australia) or onshore (within Australia) - distance is not an issue as we utilise electronic communication channels very effectively to work with our clients.

We offer an online initial assessment service where your general eligibility for an Australian visa will be assessed by a migration lawyer. To learn more, please select a relevant option:

Testimonials from our clients