ANZSCO-based ICT Occupations

This is a list of ICT occupation codes that are used by the Australian Computer Society and Department of Home Affairs for visa purposes. ICT occupation codes that are on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) are marked as and those that are on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) are marked as . Applicants with occupations on the MLTSSL are potentially eligible for a skilled independent visa or an Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visa. STSOL occupations are suitable for Temporary Work Visa (482), and may be on a state skills list. Contact us for a more in-depth discussion on selecting the occupation code that is the most appropriate for your personal situation.

261111 ICT Business Analyst

Identifies and communicates with users to formulate and produce a requirements specification to create system and software solutions.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Business Analyst (IT)
  • Business Consultant (IT)
  • Business Systems Analyst

261112 Systems Analyst

Evaluates processes and methods used in existing ICT systems, proposes modifications, additional system components or new systems to meet user needs as expressed in specifications and other documentation.

261311 Analyst Programmer

Analyses user needs, produces requirements documentation and system plans, and encodes, tests, debugs, maintains and documents programs and applications.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Programmer Analyst

261312 Developer Programmer

Interprets specifications, technical designs and flow charts, builds, maintains and modifies the code for software applications, constructs technical specifications from a business functional model, and tests and writes technical documentation.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Applications Developer
  • ICT Developer
  • ICT Programmer
  • Communications Programmer (Systems)
  • Database Developer
  • Database Programmer (Systems)
  • Network Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Programmer

261313 Software Engineer

Designs, develops, modifies, documents, tests, implements, installs and supports software applications and systems.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Software Architect
  • Software Designer
  • Computer Applications Engineer
  • Database Designer
  • Systems Architect

263111 Computer Network & Systems Engineer

Plans, develops, deploys, tests and optimises network and system services, taking responsibility for configuration management and overall operational readiness of network systems, especially environments with multiple operating systems and configurations, and provides troubleshooting and fault-finding services for network problems.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Computer Network Engineer
  • Computer Systems Integrator

135111 Chief Information Officer

Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates the ICT strategies, plans and operations of an organisation to ensure the ICT infrastructure supports the organisation's overall operations and priorities.

135112 ICT Project Manager

Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates quality accredited ICT projects. Accountable for day-to-day operations of resourcing, scheduling, prioritisation and task coordination, and meeting project milestones, objectives and deliverables within agreed timeframes and budgets.

Possible alternative titles:

  • ICT Development Manager

135199 ICT Manager NEC

ICT Managers not elsewhere classified.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Internet Service Provider
  • Network Manager

261399 Software & Applications Programmers NEC

This occupation group covers Software and Applications Programmers not elsewhere classified.

262111 Database Administrator

Plans, develops, configures, maintains and supports an organisation's database management system in accordance with user requirements ensuring optimal database integrity, security, backup, reliability and performance.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Database Operator
  • Database Specialist
  • Database Support
  • Database Analyst

262112 ICT Security Specialist

Establishes, manages and administers an organisation's ICT security policy and procedures to ensure preventive and recovery strategies are in place, and minimise the risk of internal and external security threats.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Security Administrator
  • Information Technology Security Manager

262113 Systems Administrator

Plans, develops, installs, troubleshoots, maintains and supports an operating system and associated server hardware, software and databases ensuring optimum system integrity, security, backup and performance.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Systems Manager

263113 Network Analyst

Researches and analyses network architecture, and recommends policies and strategies for designing, planning and coordinating an organisation's network such as the total system environment and architecture. May also perform operational tasks such as monitoring system performance, software and hardware upgrades, backups, support and network maintenance.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Network Consultant
  • Network Designer
  • Network Strategist
  • Network Architect

263112 Network Administrator

Installs and maintains hardware and software, documents diagnosis and resolution of faults, manages user passwords, security and inventory documentation, ensures the efficient performance of servers, printers and personal computers, and attends to other operational tasks. May also perform tasks such as help desk support and user training.

Possible alternative titles:

  • LAN Administrator

261211 Multimedia Specialist

Creates and manipulates computer animation, audio, video and graphic image files into multimedia programs to produce data and content for CD-ROMS, information kiosks, multimedia presentations, web sites, mobile telephone resources, electronic gaming environments, e-commerce and e-security solutions, and entertainment and education products.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Multimedia Developer
  • Multimedia Programmer

263211 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer

Creates, maintains and manages technical quality assurance processes and procedures to assess efficiency, validity, value and functional performance of computer systems and environments, and audits systems to ensure compliance with, and adherence to, accredited internal and external industry quality standards and regulations. May supervise the work of ICT quality assurance teams.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Quality Analyst (ICT)
  • Quality Manager (ICT)
  • Quality Specialist (ICT)
  • Computer Systems Auditor
  • Systems Auditor (ICT)

263212 ICT Support Engineer

Develops support procedures and strategies for systems, networks, operating systems and applications development, solves problems and provides technical expertise and direction in support of system infrastructure and process improvements, and diagnoses and resolves complex system problems.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Support Analyst
  • Support Architect

263213 ICT Systems Test Engineer

Specifies, develops and writes test plans and test scripts, produces test cases, carries out regression testing, and uses automated test software applications to test the behaviour, functionality and integrity of systems, and documents the results of tests in defect reports and related documentation.

Possible alternative titles:

  • Systems Tester
  • Test Analyst (ICT)

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