Temporary Work (Skilled) Visas

The Australian Department of Home Affairs facilitates the entry of skilled workers into Australia via the Temporary Work Visas program. This program is commonly referred to as the 482 or TSS visa after the visa subclass that is most commonly applied for under this program.

Requirements for Employers

The Australian employer must meet legislative requirements in order to successfully sponsor an employee under the 482 program. This includes being a lawfully operating business in Australia, meet strict training benchmark and having a genuine need for an employee in the nominated position. The employee must also be paid market salary rates. Arlington Legal has experience in addressiing all these issues which are critical in enhancing the employer's application of being approved - this is more so if the employer has never applied to the Department of Home Affairs to sponsor someone for a 482 visa previously and/or is a small business entity.

Under Australian law, the employer must not recover, or seek to recover, from the sponsored employee (or the dependants where applicable), all or part of the costs including migration agent costs.

Requirements for Employees

The employee applicant under the 482 program must have sufficient English ability, qualifications and relevant experience required for the nominated position and meet other legislative requirements depending on the applicant's personal circumstances.

Health and Character

All 482 visa applicants must be of good character and must meet certain health requirements before the visa applied for can be granted.

Initial Assessment Service

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