Testimonials for Arlington Legal Pty Ltd (formerly known as Ptlabs Consulting Pty Ltd)

Skills assessment and Skilled Independent Visa applications
As is usually the case with visas, I was racing against the clock to obtain permanent residency. From the beginning, Peter was very clear on everything that needed to be done and provided invaluable feedback with the documents that had to be submitted to the Australian Computing Society. All the submitted documentation went through various revisions until they were perfect, and this could have not been possible without his constant feedback. When you contact him with questions by email, he will reply promptly and concisely. Throughout the whole process I felt like if someone fully knowledgeable on the subject had my back, and that is a wonderful feeling to have when you are coping with a process as complicated as permanent residency. I cannot recommend him enough and forever will be grateful for his assistance. - Christian (Costa Rica), Apr 2017.

Skills assessment and Skilled Independent Visa applications
Since our very first contact, Peter consistently demonstrated an impressive level of professionalism and knowledge about all aspects of immigration process. He possess an all-encompassing understanding of IT occupations and their differences, which not only inspires confidence on his work but also makes the whole experience hassle-free. Peter guided us safely through every step of the process, from beginning to end and turned all our initial anxiety into a smooth experience with a fantastic outcome. A friend of ours told us about Ptlabs and we will certainly continue this word of mouth marketing to anyone looking for professional migration assistance. - Fabricio & Viviane, Jan 2017.

Provisional and Permanent Partner Visa applications
We found the whole process to be pain-free and that is due to Peter and his hard work and knowledge. Peter has made things so easy and straight-forward for us. Thank you so much, Peter. We will most definitely recommend Peter to anyone that we know who needs visa assistance. We can't thank you enough. - Catherine & Sean B, Nov 2016.

RPL and Skilled Independent Visa applications
I am so thankful for what Peter did with my RPL application that I decided to spend some time to write this testimonial. Finding Peter was a relief after consulting 4 other migration agents who were not sure about the RPL process or the real chances I had to succeed with my application, considering that I do not have an IT degree. However, I was lucky to find him as he has solid experience with both IT and the visa application process, which is the perfect combination to assist applicants with the RPL process. From the moment we started working together everything went smoothly and he was able to confirm that I was a suitable candidate for the RPL after a meeting in which I explained my experience in detail. I mention this because other migration agents did not take the time to understand my situation and some of them even said I had 0% chance of getting my RPL approved by ACS due to my non-IT background. It is amazing how that can change the future of a person and open or close doors to one of the best countries in the world. Moreover, the whole relationship with Peter was very professional but he also cares about his work and the people he is helping. Additionally, he has deep knowledge of the ACS requirements (that is probably why his clients have never failed the RPL to date!), so you just need to follow his recommendations. He knows everything about the format needed and has detailed guides to structure the content of the documentation. The good news is that after all of that work, the documents are super organised so you will avoid the back and forth with ACS, which for some other applicants that prepare the documentation themselves may take months. In my case, I got my RPL approved in less than a week, without comments from ACS. For sure, this would not have been possible without Peter's guidance. - Fernando O, May 2016.

Skills Assessment and Skilled Independent Visa applications
I wanted to thank you for all your coaching, help, patience, and most importantly professionalism in dealing with me.

I won't forget about you, as the goto person, for migration to Australia. Excellent work Peter!!! - Shariq K, Jan 2016.

Skills Assessment and Skilled Independent Visa applications
I would like to recommend Peter to anyone considering applying for an Australian skilled visa. Peter's advice was invaluable to us from the outset and allowed us to make timely, informed decisions that ultimately resulted in a successful application. - Phil W, Oct 2015.

Skills Assessment
Peter was awesome and helped make my ACS Skills Assessment a painless and straightforward experience. He let me know which documents I needed and always replied my emails promptly. I am so grateful I found his name and decided to use his services. Thanks so much! - Amma Owusu, Nov 2012.

Skills Assessment and General Skilled Migration applications
I engaged Peter's services, in 2011, to help me navigate skills assessment and the skilled migrant (VE 175) application. I chose Peter after having discussed my constraints and requirements, in person, with several migration consultants, including Peter.

From the outset, Peter stood out as an agent who has an expert and, more importantly, up-to-date knowledge of both the skills assessment process and the migration process. Throughout, he has only reinforced this impression while exhibiting the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

To my knowledge, Peter has an outstanding success record. If one is to judge the quality of service by outcomes alone, this fact should be largely sufficient to dispel any doubts about whether or not Peter is the right agent for the job: he absolutely is.

To dispel any remaining doubt, it is my opinion, that Peter has set up a systematic and efficient system to ensure that his clients successfully address ACS and DIAC requirements: not only did I have precise, accurate and timely instructions on my obligations, but also I could keep track of my progress throughout the entire process.

In addition, Peter brings a personal, client-centric touch: Peter was timely and patient in responding to my numerous queries with exactly the required clarifications, and in resolving any concerns that I had. I believe this made a world of difference in getting the assurance I required that engaging Peter's services was an excellent investment. I am delighted to recommend Peter, and his services as a migration consultant. - Dr Ganesh Pai, Aug 2012.

Skills assessment and GSM visa applications
Myself and my wife chose Peter to handle our Skilled Migrant (VE175) application after investing a lot of time researching many possible agents. We primarily went with Peter off the back of some excellent recommendations from other people who had already used him. He is also highly recognised for his in-depth knowledge and sound understanding of the ever-changing migration system. His finely honed expertise in dealing with the ACS skills assessment was another determining factor for us.

Peter displayed an extraordinary level of commitment and skilfulness throughout the entire process. He was professional at all times, very responsive to any questions we had, alleviated many of our unnecessary concerns and always kept us focused and aligned when things became somewhat overwhelming for us - the latter being Peter's star quality in our opinion. He possesses a razor sharp attention to detail when dealing with the tedious paperwork and nothing less then perfect will make the cut.

This all adds up to reason why Peter commands such a solid track record with regard to successful applicants. It is our absolute pleasure to recommend him to anybody considering making the application and requiring an excellent agent.

Thank you Peter - Graham & Dolores, Apr 2012.

RPL and GSM state sponsored application
Going through the skills assessment and visa process can be a very bewildering experience, especially with sometimes conflicting information is being given by users on forums. Being that you only really get one shot at getting this right we settled on selecting an agent to ensure we completed our application correctly. Having searched the internet looking for an agent that specialised in our profession, we came across Peter and Ptlabs. From start to finish Peter put our minds at rest and took the stress out of going through the whole skills assessment and visa application process. He was quick and accurate in replying to any communication we sent him and his knowledge in the subject of migration is clearly visible in the way he conducts his business. We would recommend Peter every time and have done since. Peter - We thank you for your professional service and being a 'Real Dream Maker'! Many Thanks - The Newman Family, Nov 2011.

RPL and GSM state sponsored application
For anyone thinking of emigrating to Australia we can highly recommend Peter from Ptlabs, after wasting a year with another agent we contacted Peter to assist with the RPL process.

From the moment we started engaging with Peter it was an absolute pleasure, he is an expert in his field and exceptionally well versed on the entire end to end visa process.

It is thanks to Peter that we now have our 176 visas, Peter is a true professional and we would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to emigrate - Aileen & Martin Steel, Nov 2011.

ACS and GSM visa application
Peter assisted us all the way right though from ACS assessment to GSM visa. We can honestly say that without Peter's wealth of knowledge on immigration matters and attention to detail, we would have faced an uphill battle. Peter responded to all our queries promptly and to the point. Peter also made an effort to personally relate to our situation and did everything possible to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. We are grateful to him for assisting us to migrate to Australia, and will highly recommend his services to anyone who is planning to take the next step. Thanks a mil Peter! - Werner Zietsman, Nov 2010.

General Skilled Migration application
I was very confused to select the agent to assist me with my 175 visa application; hence I researched lots in internet forums and also communicated with lots of agents. I was very lucky by the grace of Allah to discover Peter who is extremely reliable, positive, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient in doing his job. There were lots of things that I could not do myself and could be the reason to have the failure instead. During my application process period Peter responded very efficiently and guided me properly and also supported me with lots of information needed for correction. He is really extra-ordinary especially for IT applicants. I would say if anyone wants a reliable agent to have the hassle free visa processing Ptlabs is your perfect gateway.

Thank you very much Peter, I highly appreciate what you have done for me. - Afzal Kabir, Oct 2010.

General Skilled Migration application
My wife and I were thinking about applying for the Skilled - Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175) and had done a lot of research on the DIAC website and other Australian migration forums to understand what the process was like. We realized however, that if given the time and resources that this process needed, we could possibly do it on our own, however the reality was that we didn't have the time at hand or the resources to try multiple attempts at the application process and learning from any failures that occurred. It was at this time that we decided on getting assistance with the application going forward and seriously looked up and got in touch with migration agents. We did a lot of searches on forums and the name Peter Chiam stood out.

After hearing back from a lot of migration agents we were thoroughly disappointed at their vague assessment of our chances and frankly surprised at the astonishingly high fees that they quoted along with that. It seemed at that point that going at it ourselves was a much better proposition.

Enter Peter Chiam! It felt right from the beginning as Peter was a consummate professional as well as frank with us about our chances. He requested all the documents that he needed to look at before he gave us an assessment of our chances for the application for skilled migration being approved. It was only after a thorough evaluation and more than an hour long discussion (he called us!) about the process going forward that he even talked about the fees (very reasonable) involved. Everything was very well laid out and he took the pains to answer all the questions that we had. He guided us through every step of the way and offered advice on our application and related documents, that only a well experienced and thorough migration agent such as Peter could provide. He kept us apprised of the status of our application and what to expect. His advice was invaluable when it came to preparing documents that the DIAC might need as the application progressed through different stages. We were certain at that point that getting his assistance was a very wise decision regardless of the outcome.

Thank you Peter for your patience, dedication, guidance, advice and going the extra mile for us! It was truly a pleasure working with you and thank you in helping us getting our application approved.

We recommend him without reservation! - Rajarshi and Nabanita Das, Aug 2010.

Skills assessment and General Skilled Migration application
I would like to express my appreciation of the exemplary service I received during my recent visa application with Peter Chiam at Ptlabs. Peter was always extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. The diligence and dedication demonstrated by Peter was above my expectations. It was impossible not to notice the enthusiasm and hard work Peter and Ptlabs put into my application.

I want you to know how impressed I am with the professional manner in which you handled my visa application. Your insistence on professional quality at each stage of my ACS RPL application produced a much better result than we had originally thought possible. My ACS application was approved in record time.

Thank you for your outstanding service. Please accept my gratitude for your extra effort on my skilled visa application. Please convey these compliments to your entire staff for exceeding all my expectations. I want you to know how much we appreciate your hard work.

I will definitely recommended Ptlabs to others because of our satisfaction with your service.

Thank you Peter for being so patient, nice, helpful and dedicated.

It was a great pleasure to work with you. Thanks for helping me to have my application approved. - Michelle Pinheiro, Aug 2010.

Skills assessment and General Skilled Migration application
When my wife and I decided to migrate to Australia we set out looking at our options on how to go about this. We looked at the figures involved and ultimately decided that we would not engage any immigration agents so as to cut costs. However, out of curiosity, I started crawling the web sassing out different agents and time and again Peter Chiam's name kept popping up in a number of independent forums. His reviews were great and people swore by him. I visited his website and eventually got in touch with him. All our communication was via email and it became very clear to me that I would not be able to present the best possible case to the Department of Immigration on my own. I signed up for his services and the rest as they say is history.

What impressed me the most about Peter was his professionalism, attention to detail and his relentless pursuit for perfection. If there was something he wasn't happy with we would redo until he was satisfied that it was up to standard. He did a great job of communicating with us throughout the whole process and there was never a time that we felt neglected.

My advice to anyone seeking to migrate to Australia is GET AN AGENT. The process is more daunting than you can imagine. I am grateful to Peter for his services and I would recommend him any day. My permanent visa was approved and my family and I look forward to moving to Australia.

See you down under Peter! - Naboth (Zimbabwe), Aug 2010.

Skills assessment and General Skilled Migration application
Having decided to make the move to Australia, I was not sure of my skills assessment and the way of going through the whole process and that is when I decided to make contact with Peter when I got a reference of Peter with a source which had used Peter's services previously. Just after 2-3 communication I started my Visa journey with Peter as my trust.

Sincerity responsibility & trustworthy. From Skills Assessment to Visa grant, sincere advice was provided by Peter. It was almost impossible for me to get my skills assessed from the ACS because of not having an IT degree although I have experience in the IT industry. The RPL way is a long journey but with the to-the point guidance of Peter, my skills were assessed by ACS for 175 Visa. Even after skills assessment in case of Visa filing the huge application forms are enough for anybody to lose patience. But with the proper methodology, Peter helped me through the application easily. Even his after office hours I used to get communication from Peter. Peter provides even the guidance and implications of the smallest information which is sometimes taken lightly by applicant. In my experience Peter is the only reference which I would like to provide to any one I know.

Finally I (with my family) got my 175 Visa granted by DIAC.

I sincerely thank Peter on behalf of my family and I for helping us achieve our desire of making this move to Australia. We wish you all the success in your future endeavours. - Sandeep Verma, Aug 2010.

Skills assessment, state sponsorship and GSM visa applications
As an IT Professional, I chose Ptlabs as my migration agent due to their expertise in this field, and because of the excellent feedback they get from their clients. This was a big move for my family and I, and I wanted nothing left to chance.

Peter was excellent in the early days helping to identify the best visa option for me (State sponsored with VIC, before changing to State with WA due to changing 'in demand' lists). Subsequent to this Peter assisted greatly with the process of gaining a positive ACS assessment, and then a successful sponsor offer from WA. Peter also cast an expert eye on my online application for a 176 visa with DIAC.

Peter did some chasing for me when my WA sponsorship got 'stuck in the system'. It had apparently been withdrawn (by the system), but Peter quickly got this reinstated, and chased it through to completion. This alone probably justified the fee for me.

Peter is extremely thorough, and provides clear and concise information on exactly what is needed in terms of paperwork and supporting evidence from his client. He is prompt to respond to questions, and does so with a sense of humour that helps reduce stress and tension this process is bound to induce.

All in all, I would not hesitate to add my name to the growing list of glowing reference Ptlabs already have. - Andy Spamer, July 2010.

ACS and GSM visa application
Peter Chiam is a consummate professional who always puts his clients' needs in front and goes the extra mile to help with their application. For countless times, Peter has always patiently answered all my questions and provided accurate and valuable advice. From the start of the process he is with you all the way till your successful outcome. If you are looking for a competent migration agent to assist with your migration to Australia, Peter is your best resource. I thank Peter for his efforts, wish him all the best and recommend him without any reservations. - RS, June 2010.

RPL (MODL) and visa application
I did a lot of research before discovering Peter Chiam, another migration agent I spoke to advised me that I did not have the experience to get through the skills-assessment and gain the 60 points I needed. I could have given up there and then, but deep down I doubted that this was true and decided that I needed to speak to an agent who specialises in IT. I knew that I had the skills and experience, and that I had to do the RPL route which looked to me like a daunting amount of paperwork, but I needed to be sure I had a chance of success and wasn't wasting my time and effort.

One name seemed to be highly regarded in the forums - Peter Chiam. From what I read he seemed like someone who would understand my position and be able to advise on ACS requirements and the RPL process. He confirmed that he thought I would get a positive skills-assessment as long as I could provide the necessary documents and references. I took a chance on Peter and I am very happy to say that I never regretted it. Not only did he provide me with exactly the service I wanted but with his guidance I ended up getting positively assessed as a 'Network Security Specialist' with extra points for MODL.

Contact with Peter was entirely via email, in fact I have never spoken to him, which suited me completely as there is so much information it could easily be forgotten verbally. His responses were very prompt and reassuring - the RPL application is a lengthy process but with Peter's guidance it breaks down into manageable chunks - concentrating on one thing at a time until complete. Don't get me wrong it was not easy and Peter doesn't tell you what to write, but without his expert assistance I honestly don't think I would have attempted it, let alone achieve a successful result.

On receipt of the skills assessment result I decided to use Peter for the visa application too, 11 months after first contacting him, the visas are in our passports and we will be departing for warmer climates early 2011.

I cannot recommend Peter highly enough, his knowledge of the visa application and IT skills assessment processes is in my opinion second to none. He is efficient, accurate and helpful, encourages and answers every question you may have - do not hesitate to contact him! Once again - Thank you Peter, you have literally changed our lives!

- RJ & Family, June 2010.

RPL application
I engaged Peter to help me prepare the RPL documents. Although he doesn't write them himself, his input was extremely helpful in making sure that all my experience and learning was catalogued in the correct section. He was able to work at a pace that suited me, sometimes doing a couple of sections a week, sometimes taking a couple of weeks for one section. His clarification of the section content enabled me to include experience that I initially didn't intend to include, and to exclude information that was irrelevant to the ACS assessment, although it's probably quite useful to a potential employer. As well as helping with the RPL documents themselves, he also provided useful tips and advice regarding obtaining references and supporting documentation. Since obtaining recognition of your occupation is a cornerstone of a visa application, it's vital that this first step is completed successfully. I can heartily recommend Peter as a friendly and professional partner in order to achieve this goal. - Martin Knott, June 2010.

ACS (MODL) and visa application
"Do it once, Do it right"

During my initial research, we came cross Peter's name on the web. As you may see, he has established very good reputation among who successfully got the visa. So, we were convinced that he was the right guy to handle our case even before we contacted him.

The first question we asked him was "Could we get the visa?" and "If so, how sure?" We wanted to make sure that we were not wasting our money even though we knew that they were tricky questions to answer :D I still remember exactly what he told us: "I am not handling your case unless I know that you can get the visa." This was good enough for us to go ahead with him. (It must be right because he has got excellent record !!!)

Once the process started, all the guides from Peter were very professional and articulate. I liked that he wanted to do everything properly even though it was painful for us, sometimes:D

Finally, I really like to stress that he is very patient and responsible. We threw literally hundreds of questions at him, and he answered all of them. His manner really helped to build the trust and gave us confidence all the way to the end. It can be stressful at times, but having the right man beside us really helped us to keep going.

Thanks so much for everything from me and my family! - S.N. & family, April 2010.

RPL (MODL) and visa application
Deciding to go to Australia is the easy part, but being a Computer Professional it meant that I had to go through the whole process of lodging a RPL application. The task at hand looked insurmountable, but Peter Chiam guided me through the whole process and step by step I was able to complete the application. His assistance really simplified the task at hand, and I was very impressed by Peter's knowledge base about the RPL application. He is truly a specialist. I got a positive result from ACS within less than a month.

That enabled me to lodge my 176 visa and once again Peter was very professional in all my dealings with him. There were no questions from me that went unanswered, and Peter always replied promptly, which is extremely helpful and comforting in a application process like this, as your whole life is "on hold" in a sense.

My visa was approved in less than a week after the submission of my Police Clearance certificate. All of this is thanks to Peter's attention to detail, as he is a perfectionist, and he does everything he can to avoid any delays in the processing of the application.

It is my pleasure to recommend Peter Chiam to anyone that has a skills assessment or visa application requirement. - DH, March 2010.

RPL (MODL) application
Having decided to immigrate to Australia some time ago I started reading the forums and found out about Peter. Once I initiated contact with Peter the process was quick and efficient. Peter was able to point me in the right direction with my RPL and having produced several documents and countless words I can safely say I would not have been able to complete this without Peter's help. One thing that I will say is Peter's ability to reply to emails at all hours of the day and pre-empt answers before I even asked the questions made me feel very comfortable in the whole process.

I will happily recommend Peter to anyone as his assistance was invaluable and worth every cent.

I now have my ACS RPL assessment letter in record time and can proceed with lodging my main visa :)

Peter, Thanks very much for all your assistance and helping me and my family start to live our dream. - Neil Harrison, March 2010.

RPL (MODL) application
After having made an ACS application which resulted in a negative result, the ACS recommended that I complete an RPL due to the experience I have. Unfortunately I didn't have the qualifications to get a positive result the first time which was done alone. So having read all the documentation on the RPL requirements and trolling through pages of guidelines I found the task daunting.

I found Peter's website and after having read the details I called Peter to see if he could help. From the first phone call Peter reassured me that he could assist and had guided clients with similar situations in the past to a positive result for the RPL. He considered what we had already submitted to the ACS previously and advised us of his fees. I found his fee to be very reasonable and now that we have completed a successful RPL, the fee was a bargain.

Peter has been extremely helpful and brutally honest with me when he didn't agree with what I have written and really helped me focus on what was required. He always responded to any emails or phone calls with great efficiency and his knowledge of the IT sectors is incredible. I have now applied for my visa and am awaiting a decision and this has all been made possible because of Peter. I only wish we found him sooner! Thanks for all your help Peter, I really appreciate it. - Nitesh Dhokia, March 2010.

RPL (MODL) and visa application
I would recommend Mr Peter Chiam, with no reservation, to anyone needing assistance with their skill assessment and visa applications. My family and I are thrilled to finally have the visas on our passports and looking forward to our new life in Australia beginning soon.

Peter maintains professionalism and excellence in all of his work, in advising on policies/guidelines, recommending supporting documents, and liaison with the Department of Immigration & Citizenship. He also takes the time to make sure that every detail submitted with the application forms is correct prior to the submission. The whole process was an anxiety-free time since I was able to rely totally on the advice and guidance he gave me.

I had to process the RPL track with ACS, and received MODL recognition. Visa process was quick too! Peter was able to handle all the matters online, other than where there was a necessity to courier a document or two.

Thank you Peter and all the best with all future applicants! - Eshantha Weeratunga & family, Mar 2010.

RPL (MODL) and visa application
Having decided to make the move to Australia, I was faced with the immense task of going through the whole process and that is when I decided to make contact with Peter Chiam after viewing testimonials from his clients on various forums and websites. From the very first email with Peter what I deemed as a difficult task started to look so much easier and uncomplicated. Each stage starting from my professional assessment till the Visa approval was explained to me with utmost detail and care. The manner in which responses and queries were dealt with had a combination of professionalism and friendliness. This high level of customer service impressed me from the start and made this whole journey stress free. I want to extend my sincere thanks on behalf of my family and I for helping us achieve our desire of making this move to Australia. We wish you all the success in your future endeavours. - Harris Moideen, Mar 2010.

RPL (MODL) and visa application
As a seasoned IT pro, semi-decent writer and native English speaker, I reckoned I really ought to be able to sail through the RPL unattended. It is a strange beast, though, with an arcane segmentation of subject areas and bewilderingly esoteric instructions to focus on what you have learned rather than what you know (still not totally convinced I buy that distinction!). Perhaps I would have been okay if I had gone it alone..? I do know for sure, however, that it was infinitely more reassuring to tackle it with assistance from Peter. All the other testimonials are spot on - he provides excellent guidance (aided in no small measure by his own strong IT background) and is fantastically responsive.

For the main visa application we were also considering a do-it-yourself. The process seems very transparent and straightforward at first glance. Dig deeper though and, inevitably, you start to see little inconsistencies and ambiguities. All the doubts and confusion vanished once we relented and got Peter on the case. He correctly anticipated all questions that a case officer might ask so that the application sailed through without any time-consuming follow-ups. Now we have our visa and we're off to Melbourne next week. Can't wait! - Ian & Antje Sutton, Jan 2010.

RPL (MODL) application
Peter was my Australian migration agent and supported me in my ACS assessment. He was extremely professional at all times, responding quickly to my questions and ensuring that my application was the best it could be. I'm delighted to recommend him - Adeel Khan, Dec 2009.

ACS (MODL) and skilled visa application
My wife and I discovered Peter somewhat randomly while searching for a migration agent via Google. We actually contacted a couple of other agents prior to contacting Peter. The other agents were slow to respond, and generally unenthusiastic regarding our interest in migrating to Australia. From the very first contact, Peter was completely different. His responses to our inquiries were fast, accurate and enthusiastic. From the very first email, it was clear that Peter was ready to get to work and make migration a reality for us.

We received our approval letter approximately 2 months ago, and I would like to say THANK YOU to Peter for his exceptional service and knowledge. This would not have been possible without you. - Tony King, Dec 2009.

ACS (MODL) and skilled visa application
After years of thinking about moving to somewhere warmer, sunnier and safer, we decided in January of this year that the place had to be Australia - then realised what a tight timescale we would be working to! I would be 35 in early June and would lose points off those needed for the visa application. We heard about Peter on one of the forums and decided to contact him to see if it could be done in such a short space of time. What can we say? From our initial discussion about how to tackle the ACS and time being tight but not impossible, Peter gave us every confidence that our application could be successful. His considerable IT knowledge and expertise were invaluable in choosing which IT speciality to go for which ensured we got the MODL recognition (and CSL) we wanted. Before speaking to Peter we were going to do the main part of the visa application ourselves, but after his superb work on getting us through the ACS successfully, it seemed only right to use him for the rest too!

We suffered a "glitch" when our application was uploaded to DIAC which meant the online status updates were not visible to us; being thousands of miles away with what feels like little control of your own future was hard at times, but Peter was incredibly patient with us and continued to provide us with as much reassurance that our application hadn't disappeared into a black hole as he possibly could - although I'm sure at times he wished we'd disappear into a black hole!!!!

We finally got our visa approved on September 23rd this year and are headed to Oz for a reccie in October.

To anyone looking for an agent we would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Peter - excellent, professional, friendly and personal service - all at a very reasonable cost. His work ethic is second to none... do you ever sleep??? !!!! We've been amazed at the times he's replied to emails, and his answers always covered everything we'd asked in detail.

To Peter, our heartfelt thanks and best wishes, you've been a star!! - Nathan, Kirsty, Elodie, Finn & Ruby, Sept 2009.

ACS and state sponsored visa application
I first met Peter (in the virtual sense) when he replied to a question I posted on a forum asking about the ACS Application process, and whether or not my professional qualification was recognised. Peter provided me with the answer I was hoping for, and the next stage for me was to complete the paperwork for Peter's review. Straight away Peter spotted a key mistake which would have delayed the whole process - with that one correction Peter had proved his worth.

After a successful ACS application, I then proceeded with the next steps of securing State Sponsorship and having my language skills assessed. I engaged Peter once more to prepare for the main application to DIAC. Although I had originally intended to 'go it alone' with the online application, I decided that it simply wasn't worth the risk as there were certain 'grey' areas that simply weren't clear cut. The advice that Peter gave me in terms of what documentation to provide to support my application was simply invaluable, and I have no doubt that without his advice the information I would have provided would not have been fully up to scratch, possibly leading to a rejected (or at the very least delayed) application. I am pleased to say that everything submitted by Peter was accepted without a single query coming back from DIAC and I have now been granted a visa.

I would not hesitate in recommending Peter as a migration agent. The level of service he provides is excellent, and his experience in dealing with visa applications is simply invaluable. Thanks to Peter my family and I now have the opportunity of a lifetime to live and work in Australia. - Bart Kuiper, Sept 2009

ACS (MODL) and visa application
If you are lucky enough to have Peter as your agent you'll be dealing with a professional who, if you follow his advice, will maximise your chances of success. Quite simply, when dealing with your family's future, that happens to be quite important.

One major point for me was I wanted to speak to the agent direct. There are countless other companies that promise the world and deliver nothing but a switchboard, an email address and a very substandard impersonal service. Peter is however available so many hours of the day you do start to wonder if he eats or sleeps. Basically no middle man, overworked office, unmotivated people, will screw up your application.

In my personal circumstances my ACS application was complicated and needed a good dose of perseverance, many documents and references, legal stat decs etc. Peter was instrumental, telling me what to do and when, keeping me focused, helping with drafting and editing, and he is naturally (since he is a scientist) very accurate in what he does. He'll correct things you'll miss (well I did) and when it comes to these applications they need to be perfect. Peter will show you what the standards are. Be prepared to work hard to meet those standards.

In my case it was with the help of Peter I put a good case together that earned the vital extra MODL points and subsequently a CSL (critical skills list, soon to be outdated) 175 visa in 5 months. Money well spent for once. Yippie! - CA, Sept 2009

RPL (MODL), state sponsorship and visa applications
In 1993 I met an Australian while backpacking around the world. Ever since then it became a dream of mine to live in Australia. Through initial investigation many years ago it seemed this dream would never become a reality as everyone I spoke to said I did not qualify for a visa. As I gained more and more experience in my specialist IT field it gave me more confidence that I had something to offer Australia so I thought I would try again. Again I contacted many agencies only to be told I would probably not qualify. From definitely not to probably. I was just about ready to give up the fight when I read an article about Peter Chiam in the Living in Australia magazine.

I contacted Peter who gave me a thorough assessment. The dream started to become a reality again. My situation meant I needed to prove to the Australian Computer Society that I qualified through experience. This involved completing a number of core competency areas in detail. As Peter is an experienced IT professional himself he was instrumental in ensuring I covered the relevant components. His communication was faultless and I often could not believe the speed in which he got back to me. I honestly felt like I had my own personal assistant by my side form start to finish.

I was so impressed with Peter's professionalism and promptness that once I gained successful skills assessment I wanted someone reliable to complete the final process which was the visa application with the Australian Immigration Department. The final result is a very happy family of 4 that now have our visa and will be in Australia very soon. A huge thanks to Peter and he come highly recommended. Don't give up until you have spoken to Peter Chiam! - Steven Kempson & family, July 2009.

RPL (MODL) and visa application
My wife and me were thinking about moving to Australia for around 2 yrs, and had been to many Australia Expos in London, to see what the process would entail. All the migration agents we had spoken to advised that as I had a tertiary qualification in Biology and not IT (the field I have worked in for 10 years) then I would have to do an RPL and submit this to the ACS, and the success rate was only 2%. This made us think it maybe impossible to ever get to Aus...

Until that is, my wife read about Peter on a Forum. I sent him an up to date CV and off we went. Since that point onwards, not only did Peter walk us through the ACS application, which was a serious minefield and very stringent, (25,000 words once completed!), but he also answered our email questions almost instantly, no matter what time of day or night it was.

Peter not only helped us pass the ACS but also got us MODL! Hence, it was a no-brainer to use Peter for our 175 Independent Visa application, which we also successfully got in Feb 2009, so the whole process including ACS took less than a year.

We will be buying Peter a bottle of champagne as we promised him at the start. Peter is not only very knowledgeable about everything about Australian migration laws, but he is also a stickler to the finest details. His rates are very reasonable, and I guarantee no one else out there could provide a more personalised service and a 100% pass rate service to anyone looking to migrate to Australia! - Tony & Ruby, May 2009.

ACS (MODL) and visa application
I found Ptlabs via recommendations from various expat forums. After talking to other migration agencies and being told I could not apply for a subclass 175 visa I was feeling a bit deflated. I contacted Peter and put my case to him, being a specialist in I.T. himself and having a wealth of knowledge of the Australian Computer Society, he enabled me to get the recognition I needed to go for a subclass 175 Independent visa. This made a big difference and another big plus point is that his fees were cheaper than all the other agencies I contacted.

All my questions were answered promptly and professionally. Peter helped and guided me through the whole process, making it extremely easy and he also put all my fears to rest.

I also needed various additional paperwork regarding my children and work and he guided me through this with ease, supplying templates for me to follow regarding the wording of these legal documents.

If I was to go through this process again I would not choose anyone else. Ptlabs was, for me, one of the better decisions I have made, and having Peter on your side makes a difference. - Barry Roberts, Apr 2009.

RPL application
Peter supported me in my ACS assessment, on all areas of knowledge. His reviews of my drafts, his competences in IT and his approach has followed me until when I finished my RPL application in few weeks. During this time he was always available answering in very short time to my emails, considering more than ten hours of time zone.

I'm happy to recommend Peter as migration agent, in particular to who is needing to prepare the ACS/RPL assessment. - Martin Garcia, Apr 2009.

RPL and visa application
I did my entire permanent resident visa application with Peter, from RPL through to visa preparation and lodgement.

I can only describe the service provided by Peter as brilliant, incredibly professional and super efficient.

I would recommend anyone in the IT profession thinking of migrating to Australia to use his services. - Mark Sivewright, Mar 2009.

RPL (MODL) application
Your response to emails is electric. I always have the confidence that I can send you an email before I go to bed and in the morning I will have a response. In some cases, when I have stayed up late to do some of the RPL we have even had a dialog. This is a great customer experience Peter - don't change. The speed of response makes it feel personal, like that you're only working on my case.

Your knowledge of IT and little prompts on some of the CBOK areas was a great help. The 'do you know anything about X or Y?' makes me remember that I actually do. This combined with your experience of what the ACS are looking for in my documentation has been invaluable. I really feel as if I wouldn't have this without your assistance.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you. - Neil MacLean, Feb 2009.

RPL (MODL) and visa application
We found Peter from Ptlabs via a forum site, we had quotes from other Agents for the Visa Process and the ACS RPL, after some time we decided to go with Peter as I had read other testimonials on his site and recommendations from forums etc. Firstly the cost well what can I say cheaper than other agents and no hidden charges at all. Contactable pretty much it seemed 24 hours a day (Peter do you sleep?). We decided to do the whole process with Peter (ACS/RPL & Visa application).

RPL: Well got off to a shaky start but with the skill and knowledge that was provided in the way of prompts from Peter, we got through each section quite quickly, well I did work on it every minute I had free. We had stumbling blocks, but again with Peter's experience he was able to drag from me what was needed to know, I now know more about what I know than I did (if that makes sense), we also had a quick turn around from the ACS which was only 4 weeks.

Visa: The visa process was quite straight forward and again very reasonable charge for this also. No hidden charges, question after question was asked and was responded to in a professional manner. Peter is cool under pressure, well when I asked about the visa when it will be granted once we had our medicals approved it will be soon, stop panicking... Always reassuring me it will happen and it did today.

I promise if I am ever in your neck of the woods I will call you up and shake your hand, might even buy you a drink.

Rating:- Service offered: 10/10, Price: 10/10, Friendliness: 10/10, Knowledge: 10/10, Overall Rating: 10/10.

Peter from all the family thank you, this is not the last you have heard of me as I will need some advice regarding the mother in-law (careful)...

Thanks again. - Steve, Adele, Laura and Georgia, 19 Feb 2009.

RPL and visa application
I hired Peter to assist me with my ACS skills assessment including the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application and General Skilled Migration application which was approved in Jan 2009.

I found Peter via his website in 2007 and from my initial inquiry until my final approval he was prompt and knowledgeable on all parts of the ACS application & immigration process. Anyone who has applied or looked at applying for RPL will know how complicated and comprehensive the application process is. Using Peter's help and knowledge made it a hundred times easier and with confidence I could apply for RPL.

His costs are very reasonable and I have already recommended his services to a number of people. - Richard Winfield, Feb 2009.

ACS (MODL) and visa application
We found Peter at Ptlabs to be extremely efficient & knowledgeable, always prompt in replying to our queries and always very friendly. Our application has been smooth all the way thanks to him. We really feel we couldn't have done it without him and can't recommend him highly enough to anyone who wants to take the stress out of the visa application process. Well worth it! Thank you Peter. - Mike, Donnah and Taylor, Jan 2009.

RPL application (MODL)
I would recommend Peter anytime to anyone who need to have their RPL done. He is absolutely an expert in getting this done in the most efficient and cost effective way. He has created great value and I am definitely planning on using him for other immigration related services in the future as well.

Thank you Peter. - Henk Verhoeven, Dec 2008.

Skills assessment (MODL) and General Skilled Migration application
After having 6 great months living in Australia, I finally decided now is the time to go for a permanent residence application as we settled very nicely in here. As I started looking at getting the ACS assessment and the visa lodgment done it all looked like to me a very complex and time taking process. With a full time job it was really hard to go through all documentation and prepare everything accurately. This is when I was recommended to Peter by an online forum and since that day it had been an amazing experience working with him. He has been accurate, precise and very responsive on everything from the assessment to visa lodgment.

It took us just two weeks to get all documentation ready for assessment where Peter went through each and every thing thoroughly and came up with correction that were to get around the exact requirements by ACS and everything was just spot on and I was able to pass the assessment with MODL without any problem at all.

When I came over to Australia I didn't bring a lot of documentation with me so I was short of the checklist documents at that time. This is when Peter came up with great ideas that helped me getting all kinds of detailed documents and I was able to submit the application in one month after the positive ACS assessment. He has just been phenomenal with his response times.

Since submitting the application, it's just been a wait process but I am very hopeful that with Peter's help it will be a smooth ride again. - Shoaib M, Nov 2008.

Skills assessment (MODL) and Employer Sponsored Permanent Residence application
A "Big Thank You" to Peter for his invaluable assistance and support in navigating successfully through a positive ACS with MODL application, and finally permanent residence status. His prompt replies were much appreciated, as well as his ability to maintain a sense of humour at the sometimes tedious questions and form filling process!

Peter was a joy to work with, and I recommend Ptlabs as the only choice of migration agent. - Vonita B, Oct 2008.

Skills assessment (MODL) and General Skilled Migration application
Peter Chiam is one extraordinary agent. He is very thorough in his approach. If you're looking for an efficient, prompt, dedicated and reasonably priced agent to assist you in this very stressful process, look no further.

At times I would email Peter at 3am, Sydney time, with all my many queries and he would respond immediately. I never had to wait for a response to anything, within minutes I would get a reply.

Like many others we considered using a much more established organisation at nearly 3 times the price, and fortunately chose to use Peter's services which resulted in our visas being issued within less time than we expected. Larger organisations may tend to be less personal and less willing to react with the same sense of purpose.

Our application was slightly different in that we run our own business and therefore had to prove competency as we couldn't get letters of reference. Peter spent many hours assisting us in providing enough proof and evidence for our application to sail through.

Peter, we thank you for your perseverance on our behalf and appreciate your personal service for someone that you've never even met. This is the sort of service that you would only get from a dedicated friend. To anyone in doubt this is probably the best money you'll spend during this process. Any potential South African clients please feel free to contact me should you need any further information. - Bruce and Sharon, Oct 2008.

Skills assessment and General Skilled Migration application
I was referred to Peter through a mutual contact in 2004. At the time, I was speaking with a number of Sydney-city based migration agents who quoted high fees and not very prompt response time. Having had the opportunity to speak with Peter, it was immediately clear that he was definitely on top of the game and I decided to use Peter.

A number of other people I know have / are working with Peter on their visas, and his project management experience from his IT background shows. Peter drives the process, providing updates as necessary and tells you what you need to do at each stage of the process, rather than leave it to you to chase him!

Peter's approach is to guide you through the application process, rather than treating it as a transaction. His advice is prompt, and very clear as to why we needed to do things in a particular way. The fact that he prefers to communicate by email also makes a lot of sense when you look at the amount of information that moves back and forth.

I recommend Peter to everyone who asks, and my extended family are now using him to process their applications. - BT, Sep 2008.

ACS (MODL) and visa application
I made contact with Peter following recommendations on an Internet forum; they proved to be very well deserved. He was helpful, knowledgable and responsive throughout the process of gaining an ACS assessment and then applying for (and being granted) a skilled independent visa.

Collecting the information for the ACS was invaluable and here Peter not only guided me through the process but also gave the full benefit his knowledge of how the application should best be structured. Whenever I've asked a question on any aspect of the process, Peter's answered it fully and in detail, and often emails are answered within hours despite the time difference.

I have no hesitation in recommending him without qualification. - Ben L, Sep 2008.

Skills assessment and General Skilled Migration application
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Peter for all his efforts towards my skills assessment (I received my +ve skills assessment in record time) and thereafter getting me past the visa stage.

He is an extremely knowledgeable person, very prompt in his communications and it was a pleasure to have him assist me in my journey towards getting my visa.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking expert help with his or her skills assessment & visa processing needs. - Shyamal J, Sep 2008.

ACS application with MODL
I hired Peter for assistance with my skills assessment for the Australian Computer Society, as a first stage in applying for an Australian visa. Peter was always helpful and showed a detailed knowledge in regard to both the ACS application and the visa process as a whole. This resulted in both a positive skills assessment and additional MODL points. Overall I'd highly recommend the services of Peter and Ptlabs.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value. - Mark R-d-L, Sep 2008.

RPL application with MODL
It is with my sincere heartfelt thanks that I draft this letter to you.

With the recent exposure to the Australian Computer Society RPL application, I can truly say that I could never have got through this process and the submission of documentation had it not been for your intense input and advice. The constant feedback and direction provided and the insight into the process made these steps easier to follow and understand. Always being available, and the impressive turnaround times.

I wish to thank you for your time and dedication that you accorded me for which the outcome was a successful application and thus being accepted by the ACS.

With this process having been completed with your assistance, we are now well on our way to, hopefully, a successful skilled sponsored visa application.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my and my family's gratitude to you for all the hard work you provided me, and wish you all the best in your future and well being. - Renard C, Aug 2008.

ACS (MODL) and visa application
After a nightmare journey through different agents we finally found Peter. Our first agent gave up her job shortly after we contracted her. She suggested that we continue through the application with another agent that she recommended. This second agent migrated to Canada herself shortly afterwards and so we were again without an agent. I then contracted one of the bigger migration agencies thinking that at least they were not going to up and leave. The agent we got left the company after 2 weeks of appalling service! He never even answered any of my questions. Then I found Peter's name suggested in a forum. I got our money back from the immigration agency and started working with Peter.

Immediately with Peter it was very different. He answered my emails very promptly and was extremely knowledgeable about my job and how I should approach the visa application. Our first 2 agents had told me that as my degree is Electronics rather than IT, I would have to write a document explaining what I had learned in my career so far. I spent 6 months writing this document as neither agent had any understanding of IT and could not help me with it. Peter explained that I did not need to write the document at all!

Good agents are hard to find. I should know! I highly recommend Peter. With him you are in a safe pair of hands. - Mícheál & Gary, May 2008.

ACS application with MODL
I read a lot about the skills assessment before I started the process, and I was confused about the track that I should follow. Then someone recommended Ptlabs to me and I contacted Peter. He reviewed my CV and experience and directed me correctly to the right path.

The process was simple and he responded to all my queries promptly. Without him, I would probably spend much more time and effort to reach the same result.

For anyone who is trying to start the skills assessment and he thinks that he might need some assistance, then I would really recommend for him to go with Ptlabs. - GA, May 2008.

ACS (MODL) and visa application
What a find! I sent my résumé to Peter for a preliminary assessment, based on the positive comments on the PomsInOz forum. This was an excellent move. My case is a little unusual, but Peter guided the application smoothly and simply with clear cut advice, and each stage was approved without fuss. Added to this, Peter's fees are extremely reasonable. Peter's confidence, knowledge and quick response put my mind at rest from the beginning. His thoroughness and honesty became apparent a little later. I now have my visa and I am extremely grateful for the service I have received. - JT, Apr 2008.

RPL application
For anyone thinking of taking the Australian Computer Society Recognition of Prior Learning process I cannot recommend highly enough engaging Peter from Ptlabs in your quest. The ACS documentation is quite daunting; the format of the answers is quite specific and requires a level of precision and checking of details that is very thorough.

Having started off on my own I soon realised that I wasn't sure if I was writing the correct information in the right way for the ACS, I wasn't sure if I had the right references written and I didn't know if I had enough information to get a pass. Peter has been through a number of these and is very familiar with the ACS assessors' requirements so he will guide you as you complete each section of the submission.

What you will get from Peter is a quick turnaround of each section with comments, thought provoking questions digging out your relevant skills and experience and proof reading. He also drives the process to ensure that all your references, job lists and dates are all matched up correctly and turns the documents around usually within 24 hours to keep the pace up.

My submission was in excess of 25,000 words and I believe that without Peter's help I would still be either writing it or in discussions with the ACS, rather than as I am now, sitting on a 100% positive assessment. - AR, Apr 2008.

RPL and visa application
For anyone who is looking to recruit the assistance of an Agent for the ACS Application and/or Visa Application then I can 100% certify that Peter Chiam, Ptlabs Consulting is an excellent choice.

I have recently passed the ACS RPL assessment and I can say that without Peter's expert guidence I would still be wading through the red tape today. Peter answers all emails typically within a 12 hour period, including weekends (Even his holidays too!!!). His constructive and helpful comments and feedback assist in extracting the best information for RPL candidates.

Having passed the RPL under his expert guidance we were more than happy use his services for the physical visa application too. Again Peter proved to be a true expert in his field; our visa was lodged and then processed with minimal fuss once a case officer was assigned and we now have our visa.

I can only say a huge THANKS to Peter and we have no hesitation in recommending his services for either RPL or Visa applicants as I know you won't be disappointed. - Nick & Claire, Jan 2008 & Sep 2008.

RPL application for C#/C++/C Specialist and visa application
I have degrees in engineering, but I have been working in IT companies for more than 10 years. I engaged Peter's service to help me to prepare documents and lodge application for RPL assessment of ACS.

Peter is very knowledgeable in RPL assessment application. He helps me to get the exact documents that ACS needs for RPL assessment, instead of redundant documents prepared by myself.

Peter was most helpful to me in CBOK areas and project reports preparation. I wrote each area of CBOK, and sent Peter to review and check. Peter was very responsive. He always replied me in no more than half an hour. Then I modified the writings and sent them back to Peter again. This process normally repeated for 3 to 4 times for each CBOK area. Actually the writing of CBOKs was quite tedious, I had to recall some details of the work I did before. But Peter's quick replies encouraged me to write quickly to finish the documents as early as possible.

Moreover, Peter rendered a flexible service fee, which is reasonable and convenient for me.

I got the positive result from ACS for my RPL assessment. I am totally satisfied with the result and Peter's reliable service.

Finally after the long waiting, I get what I am waiting for and my dream comes true.

Thank you very much for your help in the past year.

I am very lucky to encounter you and engage you as my agent for Australia immigration. I appreciate your great job helping me in ACS assessment and visa application. Without you, my application would be not so smooth as it has been. You are knowledgeable, reliable, and responsible, which impressed me very much. I would recommend you to my friends if I have chance.

Thank you again and Good luck to you and your family. - FY, Oct 2007 & May 2008.

RPL application for IT Manager
I had to write an RPL for my ACS assessment due to the fact that my Masters degree didn't major in IT. I spoke to Peter and he reviewed each document I wrote on the various CBOK sections.

We managed to complete the whole process in a week. As soon as I had finished a section, I would email it to Peter and he would email it back by return informing me whether the section needed any revisions. On one occasion, I wanted to talk through something with Peter on the phone. I emailed him to tell him I would be phoning him in ten minutes not realising that he had to drive half way across town like a madman to take the call!

I can't thank Peter enough for his commitment to getting my RPL completed in the fastest time possible. His help and support were invaluable and were a major factor in getting my Visa in 9 months.

Thank you Peter. - DL, Oct 2007.

RPL application for SAP functional specialist
Just to let you know that I received my RPL result... and it was a positive assessment under code 2231-79 - specialising in SAP, which gave me MODL points, too! When I realised I needed to go down the RPL route to be able to apply for Permanent Residence, I was filled with self-doubt about my chances of success, due to the nature of my SAP occupation - a 'functional' IT Professional, which I thought would not pass muster with the ACS. Without your unflagging support, your step-by-step review of each drafted section, and your unwavering belief that I could achieve a positive result, I wouldn't have been able to get my head around this application. Thanks so much, and I would highly recommend your service to anyone faced with the daunting task of writing an RPL application. - SD, Aug 2007.

RPL and visa application
When we first whet looking for an agent I joined every forum I could find and just piggy-backed I suppose. I read the threads and most importantly kept track of which agents were delivering the goods and which were not.

My husband typed up his RPL CBOK areas and I read through them, etc, etc, etc, As he finished each module he sent it to Peter who reviewed it made suggestions about including and deleting information and sent it back to us. This could happen twice, three times maybe more which each module.

The thing is Peter knows exactly what the ACS are looking for. He is aware of the "correct" terminology they require and the format everything needs to be in. He advised us continuously and his advice always made sense.

Peter's help was invaluable. Without him we would not be at the stage we are at. He kept us on track, advised us, nudged us along, calmed us down, you name it and he did it.

The CBOK area was definitely where Peter came into his own. Think about it, we wrote somewhere in the region on 20,000 to 25,000 words and Peter read every one of them. The thing is it's easy to lose track of what the ACS want when your typing it up. It's proving the knowledge you gained all the time. It can be very hard to stay on track.

Considering the fact that Peter is in Sydney and we're in Ireland one would expect communication issues. There are NONE.

Initially I was a bit worried because Peter selects to communicate primarily by e-mail. I can now see that this is by far the most effective mode of communication. We are never in any doubt about his advice because we keep his mails and can refer back to them. With telephone conversations something always gets lost in the telling.

Consider the time difference: I e-mail Peter at night Irish time and the answer is waiting for me the following morning Irish time. I e-mail Peter in the morning Irish time and I usually get a reply within 30 minutes. This can carry on until he decides to go to bed and I have known this to be at 2:00am his time on occasion.

To conclude, I have absolutely no problem at all in recommending Peter. There really are some cowboys out there but I guarantee you that from my experience Peter is not one of them. If you decide to engage him you will never regret it. You might regret it if you don't though. - TM, July 2007.

RPL application for IT Manager
Thank you very much for your faith in me, advice and always prompt responses in me achieving a positive assessment under very tight timescales. I am obviously delighted for myself but also for maintaining your excellent track record of positive assessments - it would have been so easy for you to turn me down on the basis I had procrastinated so long that I stood very little chance and risk your track record. - AB, July 2006.