Merits Review

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has jurisdiction, under certain circumstances, to review decisions made by the Department of Home Affairs. This process is called merits review as the AAT takes a second look at the merits of the particular case before it. The AAT is able stand in the shoes of the original decision maker, and if necessary remake the Department's decision by coming to a "correct and preferable" decision based on all the facts and circumstances presented before it.

As there are strict time limits involved, it is important that any person who has been notified of a decision to refuse a visa application seek urgent professional advice without delay.

Has Your Visa Application Been Refused?

If you would have recently been notified that your visa application has been refused, and you would like to seek a formal review of the Department's decision at the AAT, please phone or email us as soon as possible to set up a professional consultation session to discuss your options. Our contact details are shown below.